Sections 69 - 70: 4-H Fitting & Showing / Dairy Cattle

General Requirements:   All animals are subject to inspection for general health upon presentation for admission. Animals showing symptoms of any contagious or infectious disease including ringworm, warts and pink eye, must be removed from the show or fair at time of inspection. Approval of all entries for the first showing in Maryland will extend through the show season, providing the status of the herd of origin, or of the identified animals, does not change.

General Entry Rules & Regulations: Livestock

All livestock entry sheets must be received or postmarked by August 15, 2019. Please make sure for each animal listed that an eartag number and birth date are also listed. Be sure to indicate the number of pens/stalls requested for your animals. Make special pen/stall requests as clear as possible! (Example: Special request for a stall for a cow and calf.)

Livestock exhibitors must attach a copy of the Health Certificate for Show form when submitting entry.

For 2019 the Prince George's County Fair will be having one-day livestock shows. Animals will not be expected to spend the night at the Fair.

Dairy cattle for both Open Class and 4-H will be accepted on Sunday, September 8, 2019. The dairy cattle show will begin at 300pm. (It is requested that the animals arrive one hour prior to the show, if possible.)

All exhibitors must check in at the Registration Table in their area. Health and Registration papers must be presented to authorized Fair personnel and the State Veterinarian at time of check-in for inspection. No animals may be moved into stalls/pens until the check-in process is complete. All market animals will be weighed at check-in.

All animals must remain in assigned pens except during show preparation and when in competition.

The Fair will NOT furnish bedding for livestock. Sand will be in hog pens and shavings in poultry pens.

No exhibitor or parent may take more than two premiums in any class.

Entries in the division are open to anyone in the 5 Southern Maryland counties.

Breed classes will be determined by number of entries per class.

Market animals (cattle, sheep, swine) may not be shown as breeding stock. A maximum of 3 market goats, 3 market sheep and 3 market swine may be entered by an exhibitor.

Grand Champion and Best in Show will be awarded only if there is competition.

Registration Papers will be checked in Sheep and Dairy Departments.

Registration Papers will be checked on Breeding Animals.

Note: All sections in this division are open to persons limited by physical handicap or mental capacity.


Rules & Regulations for Dairy Cattle

Cattle (In addition to the general requirements) :   All cattle must be individually identified by eartag, tattoo, or registration.

Shipping Fever

Shipping fever prophylaxis is recommended, but not required, for one-day shows. For shows exceeding one day, all cattle must be given at least one dose of vaccine or bacterin not less than fifteen (15) days prior to show. It is strongly recommended that shipping fever prophylaxis include P13 and 1BR. Since vaccines and bacterins vary in amount and duration of immunity produced, the recommendation of your veterinarian should be followed relative to a second dose (booster).

Leptospiros is immunization is recommended. Consult your veterinarian. 

General Rules

Additional rules pertaining to ages and breeds are found in the class schedule. Exceptions to open class rules are as follows:

1. 4-H Livestock Shows are open to all 4-H and FFA members in the five (5) Southern Maryland Counties.

2. Judging of Fitting and Showing Contest will be as follows: in a fitting and showing contest it is the exhibitor, not the animal, who is being judged. Showmanship will account for 60% of the judge's decision. This will include handling and presenting the animal and grooming of the animal. For the exhibitor it includes alertness to judge's directions, neat and appropriate attire, and courtesy to other exhibitors. Fitting will account for approximately 20% of the judge's decision. An exhibitor not in control of his or her animal will be dismissed. Exhibitors of swine will not be asked to demonstrate their grooming skills in the ring. During the contest, the judge will ask the exhibitors questions about the feeding, breeding and management of that type of livestock. Exhibitors will then be asked to parade the animal in the show ring. Animals will then be placed, with the judge giving oral reasons for placement. 4-H'ers will declare Fitting and Showing animal at check-in.

Proper attire will be required in all livestock fitting and showing contests:


Boys: White slacks, white shirt, green or black tie.

Girls: White skirt or slacks, green or black neckpiece. 

Section 69: 4-H Fitting & Showing - Dairy Cattle

Class Fitting & Showing - Dairy Cattle 1st 2nd 3th 4th 5th 6th
6901 Junior (8-10)* $15 $12 $10 $8 $6 $5
6902 Intermediate (11-13)* $15 $12 $10 $8 $6 $5
6903 Senior (14-18)* $15 $12 $10 $8 $6 $5
* Age as of January 1 of current year.

Class Fitting & Showing - Dairy Cattle Awarded
6951 Champion Trophy & Rosette
6952 Reserve Champion Trophy & Rosette

Section 70: 4-H Dairy Cattle, All Breeds

Class 4-H Dairy Cattle 1st 2nd 3th 4th 5th 6th
    $35 $30 $25 $20 $15 $10
7001 Heifer, Spring Calf Born March 1, through April 30, 2016
7002 Heifer, Winter Calf Born December 1, 2015 through February 28, 2016
7003 Heifer, Fall Calf Born September 1 through November 30, 2015
7004 Heifer, Summer Yearling Born June 1 through August 31, 2015
7005 Heifer, Spring Yearling Born March 1 through May 31, 2015
7006 Heifer, Winter Yearling Born December 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015
7007 Heifer, Fall Yearling (not in milk) Born September 1 through November 30, 2014
7008 Cow, 2 year old Born September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014
7009 Cow, 3 year old Born September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013
7010 Cow, 4 year old Born September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012
7011 Aged Cow, over 4 years old Born before September 1, 2011
7012 Dry Cow, must have calved at least once
7013 Dam & Daughter
7020 Best of Show

Class 4-H Dairy Cattle Awarded
7040 Grand Champion Female Rosette
7041 Reserve Grand Champion Female Rosette